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New Offering Combines Wiring Flexibility and Intelligent Energy Management

The most effective, sustainable buildings incorporate features that provide maximum space flexibility and effective energy management. These objectives are best met by a multi-functional wiring platform that combines full flexibility and a smart system to manage, monitor, and control energy use. By combining forces, Legrand North America and Herman Miller have pioneered the development of a new building infrastructure that offers maximum flexibility and optimized energy efficiency.

Evolution of the Infrastructure

The conventional method of running wires within walls and utilizing fixed-position outlets makes it difficult to accommodate changes in the physical layout, including reconfiguring open space environments. Wiremold® wiring systems are designed to provide the accessibility and flexibility required for efficient building function. These systems allow for non-invasive and less-expensive moves, adds and changes over the useful life of any building.

Walkerflex® modular wiring from Wiremold/Legrand meets the needs of a wide variety of installations in commercial, education, government, and other facilities. Its power cables, cable connectors and distribution boxes are infinitely configurable at installation - and at any time in the future.

The Convia system, developed by Herman Miller, includes advanced sensors, controls and other hardware and software that monitor, control, and manage plug-load, lighting, thermostat controls, and more. Smart connectors deliver programmable control throughout an entire space that can be changed on demand to accommodate new energy strategies or reconfiguration of the space.

Enabling smarter buildings

Legrand North America and Herman Miller's first commercial offering is the Convia-enabled Walkerflex system that combines modular wiring and integrated, yet distributed energy controls. Thus, the Walkerflex modular wiring system is "enabled" by the Convia technology platform. The result is a wiring pathway that provides complete flexibility for the electrical infrastructure and seamless integration of energy controls and sensors.

The Convia-enabled Walkerflex system gives building owners the flexibility to allocate wiring and power management resources and to add features and capabilities as they become available. This type of operational flexibility is difficult with conventional wiring systems that are enclosed within walls and new controls often must be layered on top of existing systems.

Beyond integration and flexibility, the Convia-enabled Walkerflex system also provides a critical component of a truly efficient building: the knowledge necessary to continually optimize performance. The system provides data that is critical to understanding how a space is truly performing - and how to deliver a more energy efficient, smart space.

Long-term benefits

Today's workspaces have rapidly evolving energy management demands. The Convia-enabled Walkerflex system also makes it easy to add technology at anytime in the lifecycle of a building. As technology needs change or evolve, new applications can be added and integrated with the existing applications. The platform future-proofs the building for any technology application.

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