4000® Series Prewired Raceway
  • FiberReady 2" [51mm] Fiber Optic Radius fittings. UL and cUL verified and exceed the recommendations of TIA/EIA 569A. Available as full capacity fittings or inserts to be used for existing installations.
  • Large cross section area. Provides ample space for large wiring requirements.
  • Complete line of fittings. Provides complete wiring solution and allows for interconnection between raceway systems.
  • Gray baked enamel and Ivory ScuffCoat ™ finish. Durable ivory Scuffcoat finish makes a scratch resistant surface.
  • Feeder or header system. Ideal for overhead, open spaces and under raised floor applications.
  • Overlapping steel faceplates. Hide unsightly seams where device plates abut raceway cover.
  • Pre-cut covers. For mounting devices on various centers without cutting the covers. Use with 4046, 4048, 4007, and 4049 Series device plates.
  • 4050 nonmetallic device plates. Overlapping design offers an aesthetically pleasing way to cover seams. Available in gray or ivory.
  • Base and cover cutters. Manually operated cutters are lightweight and portable. Cutters offer labor savings for any size job and maintain a factory clean and square end cut.
  • Datacom connectivity options. Accepts industry standard and proprietary devices from a wide range of manufacturers to provide a seamless and aesthetically pleasing interface for voice, data, audio, and video applications at the point of use.
  • Available prewired. Manufactured to specified job site lengths and ready to install. Jobs can be packaged by area, floor, or building and shipped per job site requirements.
  • Simple prewired ordering. Provide us with marked-up electrical drawings and electrical/communications specifications and shipments can begin within three to four weeks or less for most jobs.
  • UL Listed multioutlet assemblies. File E68073 Guide PVGT. Fittings: File E121188 Guide RJPR. Meets Article 380 of NEC and meets Section 12-3023 of CEC.
  • UL and cUL Listed component raceway. File E4376 Guide RJBT. Fittings: File E41751, Guide RJPR. Meets Article 386 of NEC and meets Section 12-1600 of CEC.
  • UL5 and ADA compliant. Raceway and fittings meet UL5 specifications and can be installed in conformance with ADA requirements.